“I came in for the first time Friday with a group of friends and the customer service was great. I ordered the Spaghetti Marinara and it was easily the best meal I have had at a restaurant. Also your coffee was great.
The food & service was so good I brought a group of friends in tonight and they agreed with me and we have decided that coming to you restaurant is to be our number one choice now”
Thanks, Danny S

Mobile review
“First time there tonight – great food and services.”
by Maxi

“the house lasagne is one of the best ive had, great ham and cheese hit, and the size was huge! bit pricy though and outside is a bit weirdly decorated :/”
by im_hungry

i love parisi’s
“Sitting in the outside section is nice and the bowls the pasta come served in are very cool. I have never seen them before. I love that it feels so much more expensive that is actually is-considering i only ever eat pasta or the anitpasto plates.
the pancetta pasta is my favourite-it is so nice to be able to eat a good oily pasta with so many ingredients in it.
the gnocchi is also fantastic, but so filling for one person. a great one to share or to take the left overs home.
only had breakfast there once, but am dying to go back. Can’t remember what I had, but it was great and a nice alternative to what is usually offered at breakfast time. I was so happy when they introduced it.”
by Unicorn

Massive Steak!!
“The Mussels entrée was amazing, exactly what I expected. Certainly nothing less than what I had envisioned, the tomatoes and herbs added that little bit more … a large portion for entrée too!
Ordered the “450gm” steak … and I mentioned that it looked like a large 450 gm steak when it was served …. the waiter quickly quipped sarcastically “I think it’s a bit MORE than 450gms” …. it was MASSIVE. I usually eat all my food but had difficulties consuming all of this.
Lovely meal, great table service too, nice white and red to go down. Thank you!”
by Dan


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